Witching Hour (MP3 Download)


Track 4 from The Witching Hour EP



Track 4 from The Witching Hour EP



Persecuted through the ages
Forced into shadow by mankinds fear
Segregated, annihilated, forsaken by your god
Eternal darkness will prevail
And the damned will rise again
Cometh the witching hour, we shall return
We’re the accused, we’re the abused
Mankind is on its knees
Falling, crawling, dying
For the witching hour
Can’t you see I’m burning for you?
Feel the pain running through my veins
As my body dies, I curse you all
From the ashes my soul will rise
To have revenge on those who damned me
Enchanting, entrancing, enticing you to your doom
Now the final hour is near
On the ashes of your world we’ll be reborn
Mankind will feel the pain of a thousand years
As the fire comes pouring down
The souls of the dead will rise again
Our vengeance will be served and humanity will drown


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