Epitaph (MP3 Download)


Track 1 from The Witching Hour EP



Track 1 from The Witching Hour EP



Attack Warning Red!
Nuclear fallout shelters packed from wall to wall
Sirens pierce the cold dead night as the bombs begin to fall
How could it come to this?
How could we be so blind?
As we count the cost of those we lost
The death toll will remind
This is our epitaph, mankinds last autograph
Marching our children to the grave
Can’t you see the lunacy?
Our poison legacy
Open up your eyes and see
The reality, as we carve our epitaph
Worldwide media promotes global hysteria
Warheads in the sky release deadly bacteria
Armageddon drawing near
It seems our fate is sealed
Cutting deep into the human race
With wounds that never heal
And here we stand on the dawn of our extinction
We see the world we leave behind
Self annihilation is human addiction
Can we see the error of our ways?
Is it too late for us to change?
Carving; Carve your Epitaph


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