Consumed by Evil (MP3 Download)


Track 3 from The Witching Hour EP



Track 3 from The Witching Hour EP



As I entered the chamber of the tomb
Stealing treasures within
I didn’t know the price I’d pay
An ancient curse drowning my soul in doom
Malice and greed lead me astray
Death; Runs through my veins; Into my soul
Consumed by Evil
Damned; Into the black; Spawn of the crypt
Consumed by Evil
These cursed treasures, they blister my fingers
Evil poisons my mind as it lingers
All consuming, dragging me to hell
So as I’m descending into madness
Hear my tale of pain and sadness
My final fate is sealed for evermore
I condemn the disturbance of the dead
My tomb, impure, they will be judged
Cursed those, who disrupt my hallowed rest
To them come fire and pestilence
I shall cast the fear of myself to him
To preserve the ritual purity within
Those that break the seal of this tomb
Shall meet their death by disease


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