Wrath of the Gods are

Wayne Dorman – Guitar/Vocals
Dave Rothan – Guitar
Pete Green – Bass
Lars Wickett – Drums


Wrath of the Gods is a metal band hailing from Birmingham, England and was formed in early 2017.
Featuring former members of Marshall Law, Nya, Jameson Raid, Beholder, Kinn and the Graham Bonnet and Uli Jon Roth bands, Wrath of the Gods pay homage to the ‘metal gods of old’, while adding a unique and contemporary twist to their unashamedly ‘old school’ heavy metal roots.
Wrath of the Gods music video ‘Witching Hour’, taken from the debut EP, was launched in July 2017 to rapturous response. “…best thing I have heard in years…one seriously classy track…this ticks all my boxes and more…the band are fantastic…sounds and looks awesome…got the right vibe to get you noticed…great production…superb, love it”, were just some of the amazing comments the band received on their various social media sites.